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Reversica's GYRE TV Concealment Hardware

Big entertainment systems and flat-screen plasma television sets may remain status symbols for some, but as prices continue to drop -- and the devices become more common -- an increasing number of consumers are looking for ways to hide their flat panel displays.

What are your options for hiding a plasma TV?

  • Conceal a flat panel TV inside an armoire and close the doors.
  • Disguise the plasma television with a mirror.
  • Hide your big screen TV inside a dresser with a lift.
  • Paintings and pictures can hide the TV screen by unrolling at the touch of a button.

All these choices will hide your television, but what if you could not only conceal but also re-use the space lost to this gadget? Suddenly you don't have to choose between a library and a media room for that extra bedroom or family room. Reversica's Gyre gives you the power to choose.

opening sequence of hidden tv cabinet

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