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Why Buy A Reversica Gyre?

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Why Gyre?

Do a 180 The Gyre swings 180° in a thin 21.5” while allowing you to use the space behind the flat screen. No other solution gives you this flexibility to use space better.

Mechanical simplicity At its heart the Gyre has three moving parts meaning there are fewer things to break and years of troublefree service.

Proven cable management Uses the same articulated wire conduit design as in semiconductor manufacturing ensuring thousands of cycles and no tangled cables.

Flexible screen positioning Unlike a lift system, the Gyre allows your screen to be placed at whatever height you’d like for an optimum viewing experience.

Room below for components Lift systems restrict the use of space. The Gyre enhances space since it swings outward like a door, letting you put your components below the screen again.

Heavy duty The Gyre is rated to hold up to 375 lbs. of TV, books, you name it. That’s a lot of reading.

Free your inner interior designer. Don’t design around your TV—simply twist it and hide it. Display your library, double your space and reinvent your room.