The REV is Reversica's newest spin on flat screen display & presentation.

Just grab the frame, flick it away from the wall like opening a gate, and *whoosh* the artwork/mirror/panel twists around 180 degrees.

Smooth, Quiet, & Cool.

This newest model replaces the earlier Gyre Slim line and provides for easier installs and cleaner aesthetics. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Easy & Fast to Install

  • Installing the REV couldn't be easier --you just slide the REV into the wall as a complete unit. No more assembly of wiring conduit, wheels, or mechanisms-- the REV comes *pre-assembled* & ready to receive the wood trim, the box, the wiring, and the TV.

  • Easy to Adjust

  • A new channel and roller configuration allows easier access & adjustment of the system in either orientation (TV or artwork).

  • Beautiful Appearance

  • The new Swinging Trim Frame design means that the REV looks completely finished in either orientation. Whether viewing the TV or displaying the artwork/mirror --the arm and mechanisms are hidden from view behind your trim and woodwork.

  • Simple & Reliable

  • With only a few moving parts the REV is mechanically simple. Its heavy-duty, powder-coated, welded steel frame construction means the REV is designed to provide years of trouble free use.

Reinvent your living space.

The REV. From Reversica.

Use space better.

©2007 Reversica Design, Inc.