Gyre rotating

“It’s like adding another room to your house.”

That’s what Cynthia Miyashita, the CEO of fine furniture maker Berkeley Mills, said when she saw the Gyre in action.

And after she saw the Gyre turn, she couldn’t stop smiling.

With a motion as easy as opening a door, the top case of the entertainment center swung forward and around, twisting 180 degrees in a slim 21.5” depth, and came back to its original resting place—only reversed.

The plasma screen is replaced by a bookcase with 12 linear feet of shelf space lined with New York Times bestsellers. The Gyre doesn’t just hide your flat screen TV—it doubles the function of your room.


  • Book club night? Display a bookcase, stocked with classics.

  • Big football game in the morning? Twist your bookcase around to display your 50” plasma screen and have everyone over to cheer for the home team.
  • Your quiet library becomes a home theater room.

It really is like adding another room to your house. Disguise your entertainment center in any style with a motion never seen before.

Reinvent your living space.

The Gyre. From Reversica.

Use space better.

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